Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jason!

It's not often one has the privilege of sharing a grown up son's or daughter's birthday, but I have been very lucky lately. I traveled to Pittsburgh to be with Kim on her birthday in December and to Maryland this past week to help Jason celebrate his special day. Amongst the gifts I took along for Jas was the kitty pictured above - my very first attempt an Amigurumi animal. Jason loved it - but that's his job as a wonderful son!

We had a great time on his special day - February 8th - shopping, seeing a movie, and enjoying a feast at PF Chang's Chinese restaurant. During the day, I had a special surprise! Jason's early valentine gift for me was a trip to the Build a Bear Workshop where he made a special friend just for me! The photo above shows him giving the little bear an "air bath" to fluff him up! If you've never been to one of these wonderful stores, you should give yourself a treat! The young ladies working there were just marvelous and we had a grand time! We both got to put a little heart into the bear and Jason recorded a special message which I can listen to each time I press the bear's paw. So do plan a visit! Age is no barrier!! 

Our family favorite part of birthdays is the cake! Sam got a taste!

and so did Max!! But they refused to wear party hats.

So here's where all the information came for Jason's Amineko! Ami means crochet and neko means cat in Japanese. This delightful book by the author Nekoyama is such fun and the photos of her aminekos will keep you in stitches! I hope you'll try to make an amineko too! I'm thinking a small one next - make with crochet thread!!

I had a great time on this visit! Spending time with one's children is one of the grandest treats of life!!


And here's the inspiration for my color choices for the crocheted kitty!! Don't you think he looks like Sam??I'm not sure Sam would enjoy wearing a blue and white stripped shirt though.


Kays Kids said...

How special that you had the whole day with your son. I'm so glad he got to build a bear with you.

Donna Griffin said...

There's just nothing better in the world, Kay!
A great big hug to you!!

susana said...

a belated birthday greeting for Jason. how great is your big boy still sharing precious time with mommy's interest.
my younger son's bday is coming, instead of my poor health recently, i should make something for him...

Donna Griffin said...

Thank you on behalf of Jason, Susana! I shall pass along your message.
May I wish your son a very Happy Birthday! They always like handmade gifts, don't they!
I wish you good health!