Monday, April 25, 2011

Working on Pandas and Playing Cards!

I'm working on some pandas for the Philly show today so I thought I'd change the header! As I was looking through my files, I saw some photos that I haven't shared. A while ago, I took a design class at a local community college. One of the projects was to design a deck of playing cards. Well, don't you know that I used my little bears and bunnies and an elephant! The four card suits were represents by different flowers.I even wrote a little back story about a mythical island where all these creatures live together in harmony! Thought you might like to see a few of them!

The queen was a pretty polar bear!

The Jack had to be a rabbit!

And this dancing elephant I made
out of polymer clay was a perfect
....and here is the story that brought the project together:

Beyond the edge of land, somewhere in the mists of time, lay the Isle of Terre des Fleures. The land was divided into four Kingdoms which were each ruled over by just and kind Kings and their Queens.

The land was extremely fertile and rain was plentiful. The inhabitants all shared a love of growing fruits, vegetables, and especially flowers. Each of the Kingdoms had one particular flower which they were know for and cultivated to share with the rest of the world. Great ships would come to the shores to trade for the plants and bulbs so prized by those not fortunate enough to live on Terre des Fleures.

The inhabitants of the Kingdoms realized that if they worked together sharing gardening secrets and knowledge gained through years of weather observations, that all on the Isle would prosper……..and so they did.

Don't you love it when your can write your own happiness?!

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