Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gifts from Debbie!

Can you just imagine my surprise when my mailbox had a wonderful unexpected box inside with my name on it! My friend Debbie, who lives in Richmond, made wonderful gifts for Rocky, Cleo, and me and sent them our way. Debbie is a fabulous needle worker and her gifts included a crocheted bunny for me and knitted snakes for Rocky and Cleo. I don't know who was more excited!! I must say that most of the photos I took of the kitties playing with their new treasures were a blur! These little snakes are just wonderful. The kitties grab them up and toss them about and then chase them all over the place.
Rocky needs that extra toe to keep up with these adorable little snakes! He doesn't realize he's meant
to have the blue "boy" one.
And Miss Cleo has been carrying around that blue one since the package was opened! You know kitties, they will play with any old snake!
Rocky's not so sure the bunny is for me!!!

'Cause guess where his snake went.

You might remember that Debbie made wonderful little penguins for Kim and me. I thank you so much, Debbie, for sharing your artistry.  All of us appreciate your kindness!
And finally, this lovely iris! I wish I could claim it in my garden, but it blooms at the Peninsula Fine Arts Center. I had my camera along yesterday when I went to the clay studio. I've always had a fondness for the blue iris - though I realize this one is kind of "purpley." The blue iris was my grandfather's favorite flower as he was colorblind to most colors. Blue was one of the only colors he could enjoy. I think that must be why blue is one of my favorite colors!

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