Friday, April 15, 2011

Tree house update, a pretty kitty photo, and a little bear inspector.

So now I have cut the door and windows out of the little bears' tree house! You can see the very basic tools used for this operation - knife and cookie cutter! Shortly after this photo, I affixed the door - slightly open - back into the house, using the holes for the windows to adjust it and secure with a strip of clay. My hands were too muddy to take up my camera during this operation. Now the waiting, and careful drying under varying layers of plastic, begins!
Do not adjust your computer! My camera was right side up when I took this photo of Rocky. He's a great one for flopping over on chairs and that's what he'd done for this photo. You can see the seat of the chair just under his head. He seems very comfortable upside down!

And finally, little Todd inspecting a new little bear head. Faces are everything, aren't they?
Spring has sprung here in Virginia and we are all thrilled here at the Griffin house - two legged inhabitants, four legged, and those tiny ones who dance in the moonlight!


Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

Happy spring! Are the tree houses for TBAI? If so, I can't WAIT to see them in all of their glory!! Your work is always so wonderful!


Donna Griffin said...

Hi Cheryl!
Happy Spring to you! The tree houses are for my table at the Philadelphia show in May. Sadly, other commitments will keep me away from TBAI this summer. I know you'll have fun. It's a great show. I'll be checking your Blog to see what you're up to this summer!
Mini hugs, Donna