Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whose woods these are I think I know...

We are fortunate to have woods on our property and they looked quite magical with yesterday's snow.

The snowfall was quite unexpected. We thought we may see "flurries" but it just kept coming!

Nature is full of wonderful gifts!


Ruth said...

Lovely photos Donna! I wonder if we will get more snow before Christmas here in the UK. I must admit I prefer to look at it rather than be out IN it!! :0)
Hope you have a magical Christmas,
Love and Hugs,

Ruth xx

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

How WONDERFUL!! We used to live on 3 acres with woods and a river running at the back of the property---oh, how I miss the beauty of it all! But one needs a job and I LOVE our life. Perhaps one day we'll move back to the woods again. Thank you for sharing your beauty.

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks, Ruth! I'm with you! I prefer looking out the window! I'm originally from Florida and love being warm! It is very nice to have some snow just before Christmas, though. We're supposed to have 2-4 inches tomorrow! Now, I'm in southern Virginia and there are years when we have no snow. Ya never know!!!
Congratulations again on your wonderful awards in the British Bear Awards this year!
I wish for you and the boys a wonderful Christmas and a happy New 2011!!
Love and hugs,

Donna Griffin said...

Hi Cheryl!
I don't want to mislead you! I have next door neighbors, but the back of our property does have woods! I live in the Hampton Roads area of southern Virginia. We are very close to the James River and there are many wetlands where there can be no building. We're lucky enough to back up on one of those area so we enjoy the beauty of the woods, the wildlife that visit on my deck (and in my flower beds) and still have neighbors within shouting distance. That's perfect!! I love this first snow of the season and hear that more is on the way! I wish you the happiest of Christmases! I'm planning to add one of your dear little elephants to my collection when I hear of one being available!
Love and hugs, Donna