Monday, December 27, 2010

More Snow, Birthday Fun, and the Further Adventures of Beaker and Rocky

Snow on Bare Branches
At the end of the snowfall, we had accumulated 14.2 inches - third highest amount in recorded history for the Hampton Roads area of Virginia!
As my birthday plans were changed by the record snowfall, Jason baked "Birthday Cookies" for me. Kim layered a couple and added a candle. I was seranaded by "Happy Birthday To You" and got to make the traditional Birthday Wish! 
And for all you Rocky and Beaker fans, I thought I'd pass on some of their antics during the package wrapping before Christmas:
Beaker makes the crucial fold in the wrapping while Rocky adds words of encouragement.
Not ones to miss a good opportunity for fun, the boys gathered the scraps of wrapping paper and made a mess!
And Miss Cleo, dignified in her Zen-like elegance, can't be bothered with the boy's mischief. She simply enjoys nature's bounty!


Lyn Parker said...

Love the cookie cake Very inventive :0) Doesn't look like you would have finished your wrapping without your two helpers (super efficient)

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks, Lyn! Sometimes being snowed in brings out the creativity in all of us. My grown up kids do a wonderful job of seeing that I have a real birthday the day after Christmas and not just some leftover Christmas.
I just don't see how I could have managed Christmas without those two! I once had a length of wrapping paper stretched out to cut and Beaker took a flying leap into the middle of it! It tore pretty evenly! I'll miss him when he returns to Pittsburgh with Kim!
Mini hugs to you!