Sunday, December 26, 2010

A White Birthday!

My Front Yard
Today is my 64th Birthday! and I woke up to what became the biggest snowfall I've seen here in southern Virginia. It was a great day which went a little different than planned, but Jason and Kim were both at home so that made it just the best birthday I could have hoped for. I don't think we quite expected all this snow, but by golly, it is beautiful.
My Street


Lyn Parker said...

Hey Donna,
Happy Birthday from Downunder I hope you had a great day.

What a magical scene your front yard makes it looks like something right out of a movie.

Bear Hugs

Donna Griffin said...

Hi Lyn!
Thanks so much! It was a great day! Of course, our plans changed as we were "snowed in," but sometimes those can be the best days! Just learned this morning that our 14.2 inch snowfall was the third most in recorded history. I appreciate your wishes and warmth from Downunder!!
Big hug, Donna

Anonymous said...

The snow in your yard is crazy beautiful. I am sure the kitties are keeping warm by the fire. : ) Hope you had a wonderful Holiday and a safe New Year.

Bight Blessings,

Donna Griffin said...

Hi Michelle! Happy New Year and thanks for the comment. Yes, the kitties know how to snuggle up and stay warm. It's amazing how much heat they generate when they curl up in your lap! Love the kitties!!!
I hope you have a brilliant 2011!
Big hugs,