Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Golden Teddy Award Winner - Lady Buggly!

What an honor to be recognized by Teddy Bear Review Magazine as a winner of the Golden Teddy Award. Of course, it's to all those who voted for Lady B
that I send my special thanks.
Word had reached me through messages from special friends Elanor and MaryAnn and I've just received the official logo from Lynn at the Magazine.
I must pass along that I got the idea for Lady Buggly's name from one of my neighbors who has a VW Bug. Her license plate is Bugggly. Her's is a red convertible and "cute as a bug." If you didn't know, I drive a VWBug, too. Mine is yellow and his tag is "Sunybug." I realize that the spelling is short an "n" but we are only allowed 7 letters on our licence plates.
Thanks again for all who loved Lady Buggly and voted for her!!


Debora Hoffmann said...

She's so darling. Congratulations on your Golden Teddy! So very exciting!


Donna Griffin said...

Thank you so much, Debora! It is a wonderful honor for such a tiny little bug!
Looking forward to seeing your adorable bears in the online show. It will be here before we know it!
Mini hugs,

Ruth said...

Wheeeeee! Huge big Congratulations from me too Donna!! To be honest I held off sending a message the second I heard, just in case I was "heralding the news" yet again !!LOL
Very big, Mini Hugs for you and Lady Buggly!!
Ruth xxx

Donna Griffin said...

My Dear Ruth!!!!
Thank you for your kindness. I just know great things are in store for your little tea cup gang with the upcoming British awards. Let's hope we can get all our little ones together in a show one of these days on my side of the pond or yours!
I really appreciate your message!
Love and hugs,