Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Little Snow

Our snowfall was small compared to most places in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States this last weekend. It did provide great interest to the furry folk of the Griffin household. The kittens, Rocky and Cleo, are still amazed by everything in the world and enjoyed watching the snow from indoors. They were fascinated by the critters enjoying snacks at the bird feeder. The kitties insist that I get up early each day and Rose, who has always enjoyed playing in the snow, was making "snow angels" on the deck at 5:30 a.m. She couldn't wait to get outside and enjoy the fun!


Ruth said...

Lovely photos Donna :0)
I wish you a very Happy Christmas , and a wonderful New Year too !Maybe 2010 will be the year to come to Hugglets !?!!!!

Huge Hugs ,
Ruth xx

Donna Griffin said...

Hi Ruth!
Thank you and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday to you and your boys (including Ashley!). This just might be the year. Would love to see you there!
Love and hugs to you!

The House Of Genista said...

What lovely photos Donna! Your furry friends are wonderful!Rosie is so gorgeous! I am a great animal lover. My pets are my Babies and I love them to bits.One of my dogs,Jasper,is the same age as Rosie. Love your bears too,they are fabulous, especially the pandas.
Have a wonderful Christmas
Beary Hugs
Hillary Rose

Donna Griffin said...

How kind of you, Hillary! These animals are my heart! I was even thinking of another trip to the shelter to invite another kitty to come and live with us. Rose is certainly enjoying the cold weather. She's very frisky and that makes me very glad! I'm glad you like the pandas, too! I certainly love making them.
Happy holidays to you and your family - 2 and 4 legged ones!
Hugs, Donna