Thursday, December 24, 2009

Decorating With Trees

That's it! With our new kittens in residence, this year instead of decorating the tree, we are decorating with trees! Rocky and Cleo love anything and everything that dangles and either tries to play with it or ingest it. After due deliberation,we (well, that's mostly me as the boys are generally too busy to consider consequences) have decided to forgo usual decorations for a simple (shall I say ellegantly understated) display of little trees through the house.The middle photo shows them all having a drink in the kitchen. We have one fairly major tree which sits on the counter between the kitchen and family room, two rosemary plants shaped into trees, a tiny holly in the downstairs powder room, two small pines here and there, and two very unusual and lovely cedar topiaries on the dining table. These last are almost chartreuse in color and lemon scented. The best part is that they are all living and will go into the garden or the woods behind our home when the weather permits.
Kim is coming for a few days and our little family will all be together for a brief time. That's the best thing on earth - especially when there are plenty of doggie and kitty kisses for everyone.
My wish for all is that Christmas is just what you want it to be. Life is so precious, whether it's family, friends, kitties and puppies and all creatures, or these marvelous little trees that have come to share our holiday. Peace be with you.

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