Monday, August 3, 2009

Trip to "the Burgh"

The trip to Pennsylvania was tons of fun. I took loads of photos and will share more. This was probably the most spectacular as Kim and I went to the top of Mt. Washington across the river from downtown Pittsburgh. We rode the Incline first down the mountain and then up again. You can see one of the Incline cars in the lower right of the photo. The highlights of the visit include hiking in a local park and a visit to the National Aviary. Will post some wonderful birdy pictures soon.
I'm working away at the little bears for TBAI. I'll be heading to Binghamton, NY a week from Wednesday. Can't wait!!!


Darlene said...

What a great view! Can't wait to see you, trying to get bears done too!
Get there about 4:30 join us for dinner later ok?

Hugs and joy, Darlene

Donna Griffin said...

Count me in!!! I expect I shall arrive sometime around then. It will depend on when I start driving Wednesday morning.
See you soon!
Love and hugs, Donna