Monday, August 10, 2009

Yellow Submarine launches!

I'm leaving for TBAI in Binghamton, NY on Wednesday. I'll be towing my gallery piece along - The Yellow Submarine. I have a few little details yet (like the rudder) to deal with, but was able to get some photos last night. The yellow submarine rests on a rock or piece of fake coral that I found at a pet store meant to go in a fish tank or terrarium. I wanted to have the words of the Yellow Submarine song in the piece, so I sculpted a turtle which is holding a sign with the words on it for a sing along. On the left of the piece with be the "album cover" I designed featuring my Fab Fuzzy 4! The boys are about 4 inches tall and wear Sgt. Pepper's Band Uniforms which I've decorated with Swarovski crystals - don't think they show up too well, but they are sparkley!

I hope to have some other pictures of some of the bears that will be going to the show tomorrow!


Mary and Bob said...

I totally LOVE your Yellow Submarine!!!!!! GREAT JOB!

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks so much!
I was singing that tune for months as I worked on the piece!
I appreciate your writing to tell me!