Saturday, July 25, 2009

Trips and Ebay and Info

I'm traveling to Pennsylvania tomorrow to visit Kim. I hope to remember my camera so that I can record the journey and our sight seeing!
In the meantime, I've decided to delay the Ebay auctions of my Golden Teddy Nominees until the Fall. I'll be away a lot this summer, and our Internet Cable Service has been going in and our for a week or so. It may be difficult to answer questions and queries if I can't get online!!!! Please let me know if you'd like me to email you when the girls will be available.
I've been privileged to take part in the URSA Award program this year sponsored by Bright Star Promotions I think voting continues until the end of July. If you'd like to take a look at all the entries and vote for your favorites, click here: and follow the URSA trail clicking on "Let the voting begin" The entries are amazing!!

The photos in this posting are of my little entry - one of my smallest bears yet! His name is "Marc Andre - flower elf"


Tina said...

Oh I love your little flower elf Donna. He is the cutest little fellow.
I´m sure he will do great.
I hope you´ll have a wonderful trip.
Many hugs, Tina

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks so much Tina! I have arrived in Pennsylvania and Kim and I are having fun. We plan to sight see and shop! I did bring a little bag of sewing along too! I hope to post some photos of the trip!
You are the sweetest!!!
Hugs, Donna

Heather said...

I am in total awe of your tiny sewing skills. I LOVE this guy's hat too!

Donna Griffin said...

Why thanks Heather! I must say, I've come to the small size over a period of time - getting smaller and smaller. Now the bigger bears seem just huge!!
I appreciate your message!!!
Cheers and hugs,

All Bear by Paula said...

How beautiful!

Donna Griffin said...

You are so kind, Paula! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs, Donna