Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Wonderful Gift from Debbie!

Imagine my surprise when a cute package from a long time friend arrived yesterday!!! It seems Debbie has kept up with Kim's and my excitement over the Penguins "March to the Cup" this year and crocheted two adorable little penguins for us! We've named them Sid and Geno for two of the stars of the hockey team. Kim (I send her a photo from my IPhone) said the taller one must be Geno. I shall carry this sweetest of gifts along when I visit Kim later this month. I expect she will want to keep Sidney, but we'll see!

I can't thank Debbie enough for her friendship and for such a thoughtful gift!


Ruth said...

I hope those penguins don't start a fight with the Sgt. Peppers !!

Donna I've passed on a really special award to you on my blog ; you can choose to pass it on , or you can just display it on your blog - no rules with this one. It is a big , friendly Huggy for you - hope you enjoy !! :0)
Lots of Mini Hugs ,

Donna Griffin said...

Oh Ruth! How sweet you are! I'll go over to your blog right away. Little Jack sends hugs! Me too!