Saturday, June 27, 2009

Strike Up the Band

Well, Sgt. Pepper would be proud, I think! The little Beatle Bears have their band uniforms and their bodies and are trying out their instruments. I will put more trim on each of the little outfits and one of the little guys lost the feather in his cap as we were going outdoors to take photos. The yellow submarine is still under construction, but I'll post a photo of that soon!


Ruth said...

They are wonderful Donna ! I can just see they're itching to start making a cacophony the minute your back is turned ! :0)
Mini Hugs , Ruth

Dawn said...

Those are adorable Donna! The mini instruments are perfect size for them too! Will you be making them a yellow submarine? =)

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks so much Ruth and April Dawn!! You know the Sousaphone is the only miniature instrument. The others are Christmas ornaments. The company that had them (I've made lots of musicians over the years) did not have the other instruments in small enough sizes. The only difference is a little ring on the ornaments used for hanging on the tree presumably.
April Dawn the yellow submarine will be ready for launch soon! I'm making it out of a paper clay and have done it in two stages. I'm finding it takes a LONG time for it to dry. I've used polymer clay for lots of things, but thought it would make the craft too heavy. It will appear to "float" if my plan goes well. More on the submarine soon! Thanks again ladies!
Huggies, Donna

All Bear by Paula said...

What a fabulous set Donna! You've done yourself proud! The submarine plan sounds very interesting ... will look forward to the big reveal!

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks Paula! I've just finished up the little band outfits and the submarine should be done today. Hopefully a picture will be ready over the weekend! Thanks for looking in! Hugs, Donna