Monday, October 20, 2014

New Little Sweetie!

Just finished this wee tiny reindeer - well almost. Can't decide if he'll get antlers or if he's just a young reindeer in training!


Kays Kids said...

You are so clever. The side profile is wonderful. Very cute.
Hugs Kay

Helen Gleeson said...

Oh Donna, This little "deer" is beautiful - is she available for adoption? I love her

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks Ladies!
This little deer is meant to be an accompaniment to this year's Santa Bear for the Hunt Valley Teddy Bear Show in a couple of weeks. He's an adaptation of a pattern from an Etsy shop called Patchlins.
I'll post a picture of Santa with his traveling companion when Santa's outfit is done. I plan to needle felt some antlers for Little Deer!

Lala said...

He is adorable. I hope you can show us more pictures when the show is over.

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks, Sis! Hope to get some good show photos - plus will try to get more of my bears, etc., before I leave.