Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More show photos!!

I hope you've enjoyed the show!! It's even better in person, so plan to attend next year. You can get information at I believe the theme for next year's gallery is something like: On the Road Again - where will my bears go?? Fun!!!

This one's mine!!

That's all folks! I think there's one of each gallery piece. If I've missed one, I apologize! It's such an exciting place during the viewing, it's hard to get up close sometime.
Hope you enjoyed the show!!
And finally!!!! This one photo of Katherine Hallam and her remarkable piece of Alice falling down the rabbit hole!! I realized that I did not have one of her piece because it was so amazing and there were so many folks looking at it that I couldn't get close!!! I borrowed this photo from Facebook - hope whoever took it doesn't mind!!


Jilly said...

It is all so beautiful, I too love teddy bears and china dolls.
Thank you for sharing!!
Jilly oxo

Donna Griffin said...

So glad you enjoyed the show photos! Thanks for stopping by!