Monday, August 11, 2014

Picnic Peak

Just a quick peak at my gallery piece - Teddy Bears' Picnic - seen here on my dinning room table. I'll try to take a good one outdoors this week before the show - weather permitting. Here's some stuff you may not be able to see in this one: A turtle carrying a watermelon in a basket on his back. One of the bears brought his friend the rabbit to join in the fun! I made the turtle and rabbit out of polymer clay as I did the tree! I had some wonderful shots of the tree as I made it, but somehow erased them before they were downloaded. That was great fun! (making the tree - not erasing the photos). The picnic food included veggies, watermelon, bananas and Donuts!!! There's a tree stump with a porcelain tea pot which all teddy bears would of course bring to the picnic!
Hope to see lots of folks at TBAI at the end of the week! I'll try to get back with more photos of the bears, bunnies, and white lion that I'm taking along!

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