Saturday, September 21, 2013

Let's Yarn Bomb a Little Bottle!

Have you ever had a bottle or container that was just too neat to throw away - but you didn't know what to do with it??

Well, that's what I thought! I've seen lots of stories about all the yarn bombing going on around the world (crafty folk knit or crochet great lots of things and cover bridges, statues, who knows what! Just google it and see what you'll find!)- so I thought thread bombing would work for this tiny bottle!

Here's how I proceeded!

I made a chain long enough to fit around the of the bottom edge of the bottle snugly.

Then I added rows of double and single crochet randomly up the side of the bottle - under Cheeto's supervision. He was asleep in my lap as I puzzled this whole thing out!

I decreased every other stitch to make the turn up to the narrow part of the bottle. When I reached that part, I did a row of single crochet to stabilize the stitches before proceeding up this narrow part. I might add that I worked on the piece off the bottle and only slipped it on when I needed to check the fit. I figured the stitches should be snugger going up this last part. The stitches can stretch apart too allowing some of the bottle to show through.
I decreased again on the top row which was single crocheted just for two stitches and that made it fit just perfectly. I added a piece of dried blossom so no water is needed for the tiny vase. Of course, water would be fine and the cover can be slipped off to wash if necessary.

So! How simple is that! Just use your eye for decreasing as necessary and pick the color thread which would compliment your room or the flowers going in! I didn't count any stitches - just raveled 'em out when there were too many and added more when there were too few. Hope you'll give it a try. Bigger yarn can be used on bigger vessels. I first tried sock yarn on this little bottle and it was way too big. The thread I used here was #10 cotton thread used for tatting and crochet by Lizbeth.  It comes in great colors!

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