Tuesday, October 15, 2013

National Feral Cat Day!

This is a day to think about and find out what we can do for the feral cats in our personal world. Last summer, Kim and I, and a kind lady from the local Humane Society named Mary, trapped, had neutered, and returned to their world, several feral cats in our neighborhood. One of them, pictured above, chose to become part of our world, and has lived with us inside for the past year. She's called "Luna" and was named for the sweet soul in the character of the same name in the Harry Potter adventures. Luna is quite small - compared to some of our other kitties - but is very healthy and happy. You can see that one of her ears is trimmed which is how the PETA folks mark those who have been neutered and given their shots.
Please visit www.alleycat.org to see what you can do for the ferals in your world!!

Not all ferals will choose to live inside, but Miss Luna has blessed us with her companionship. There are lots of things we can do for those who live outside. We're getting shelters ready for the winter for the Outsiders on our deck and we feed them twice a day. God Bless every one of them everywhere.

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