Monday, July 15, 2013

The Process

I found a sunflower on Pinterest and searched it's origin. Turns out, it's a pattern on Ravelry. If you'd like to make one, just go to, register (it's free to join) and search crocodile stitch sunflower. If you would like help finding the pattern, just leave a message and I'll give further directions to it. The designer calls it a dalhia, I think, but you choose! By now, you must realize that sunflowers are my favorite and this has to be the best pattern yet. It's designed ot be a square for further application in an afghan or pillow, but I use mine as cushions for bears, bunnies, etc.

So then, which comes first? The critter or the cushion? In this instance, it was the sit-upon.

I went through my collection of perhaps appropriate fabrics.

Other than making striking photos with sun and shadows, taking the lot outdoors has the advantage of seeing the true color. I really learned my lesson with that one when a bunny turned up with a lavender nose - which, on reflection, could have been interesting.

And the winner (s) are:

Well, so far, anyway. I'm thinking maybe a panda bunny or bear in gold and brown.
Stay tuned!!! You never know what will happen! I'll keep you posted!!


Kays Kids said...

Your sunflower is beautiful. they would look cute for coasters if you made them smaller.

Donna Griffin said...

That's a great idea, Kay! Can you imagine a table set with pretty sunflowers at each place? I just may have to do that as I love crocheting these. Actually, the brown center where the glass would be is only a couple of inches as it is photographed. The center size can be changed by the number of rounds done before the petals are added!
Grand idea!!
Big hug!