Friday, May 10, 2013

More photos and I made a "doll!"

Another event at the Philly show was a "challenge" for bear artists to make a doll and doll artists to make a bear! A year ago when I agreed to do this, it seemed like a good idea! Actually, I had great fun creating "Stargazer" pictured above. He's a wee elf who has climbed atop Mushroom House Observatory with his telescope and teddy bear to observe the night sky. This isn't a really good photo, but you get the idea! Stargazer is made from polymer clay and his teddy has a mini bear fur head and a needle felted body. I wasn't expecting to have the piece adopted, but Valerie insisted Stargazer should move to her house in California. Thanks Valerie!

Now, before the other photos from the show, I'd like to list some links to sources I used for gathering goodies for my workshop on making mini hats:

tiny flowers and 2mm silk ribbon here - you might enjoy other trims on offer and be sure to check Stef's ebay site which is linked at the bottom of her home page - many mini treasures

this is the place for the unusual ribbon flowers I had plus the pretty multi-colored ribbon. I bought what I had at a quilt show the owner attended in February which was held in my area. Most everything is available on her website.

This is the place for the pattern for the petal hat. Debbie has lots of things of interest to mini makers!

Here are more photos from the gallery!

Big Winner! Joanne Livingestston's creation  picked by
artists and collectors! Magnificent!!

Michelle Lamb's beauty won with artists as one of the best!!

I have one more batch of photos and will list them soon!
I hope you enjoy seeing all these great creations! If you have questions about who's work is shown, leave a comment and I'll try to answer!! 


Lala said...

What a treat, Donna. I wish I could have been there to see you and all the wonderful creations by you and your fellow artisans! Thank you for posting.

Donna Griffin said...

The shows are lots of fun! It would be a real treat for you to be there too!! Maybe we can do that sometime, Sis!!
Love and hugs,