Wednesday, May 8, 2013

All Gone !!!

Once again, I am so very lucky to have an empty table at the end of the show! I have new collectors, bears and a bunny picked by old friends, and two bears selected by wonderful award winning artists - a supreme compliment to be sure!!

The show was just fabulous! The fun began with a couple of days of classes. After the first day, some of the participants showed off their handiwork!

A class taught by fabulous award winner - Michelle Lamb!

This one by Sharon Barron - you might recognize her wonderful style!

Sue Van Naten lead a group of eager jewelry makers!

And another class by the oh so talented Judi Paul!
The gallery mixed dolls and bears on Thursday evening! There was so much "wonderfulness" it was almost
more than the eye could take in!! Here are some of my special favorites!

A winner!!! Wanda Carson's adorable Time Traveler
Voted by the artists as one of the best!!!

I have more!!! I'll be back in the next post with more to see! I hope you can plan to go and be part of the fun next year! Terry and Susan Quinlan do a fantastic job of making a show that is fun for all! Good Food, Good Friends, and wonderful Art!!! Thanks so much Susan and Terry!!!


Kays Kids said...

Thank you Donna for the photos. I love seeing shows from different country's. There certainly are some wonderful Artists there.

Donna Griffin said...

The talent there was just amazing, Kay! Wish you could come up our way!
Big Hug!

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

It looks like it was a fabulous show!! I must admit that I wish I could have attended it--perhaps next year. Congratulations on selling out!!


Donna Griffin said...

Hi Cheryl!
and Thanks!!
That show is certainly one to put on your "must do" list!!
Hope to see you at TBAI!! and in Philly next year!
The show is great and there's so much to do, good food to eat, and good friends to make and visit with!!