Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Fountain - so far

 So! Here's my fountain so far! The water will come out at the top of the "tree stump." There are two places where the water will travel down the sides - trickling over the vines and leaves.( I rolled a log across the clay which makes up the stump before forming it into the stump shape. The vines and leaves were then sculpted and attached to the stump.)

and then the water will collect in this bowl seated on more of the vines. I made the bowl a couple of weeks ago and it's dried enough for bisque firing. I made the tree yesterday so it should be ready for the first firing in a couple of weeks.The same clay was used for both, but when it dries out, it shrinks and gets lighter in color. I hope to glaze the bowl next week. I plan to leave the outside of the bowl natural stone colored and glaze the inside with my favorite - Pippin Green glaze which should look like an ancient boggy site. The vines will be colored with a red iron oxide as will the tree. Sure hope nothing cracks or explodes in the kiln!!


Elanor Clare Andrews said...

HI Donna, That looks wicked, I hope that I get to see it at the TBAI only 4 weeks to go, eek I'm not so not ready :0) but I'm very much looking forward to seeing you.
Elanor x

Donna Griffin said...

There's never enough time, is there Elanor?
Can't wait to see you! It will be here before we know it.
Hope I have a few bears ready!!
Hugs to you and safe travels!

Unknown said...

Can you please show me how to work with clay in this manner I love it very impressed good job

Donna Griffin said...

You are too kind! I am a novice at best! I encourage you to find a school or studio offering classes in clay in your area! It is a lot of fun, for sure!