Sunday, July 15, 2012

Show "Friends of Teddy"

 Misty is certainly the tiniest elephant I've made! Misty is on her way to New York. Thanks Judy!

 Willow, my first kitty has a long journey to Belgium! Thanks Inge!
 Lammy Belle whom you saw in my preview photo is on her way to sunny Florida! Thanks Debra!

Harry (yes he is!) was chosen by Judith in Utah! Thanks so much! He should be there soon.

And luckily James the Steampunk Turtle knows the way to San Jose! He'll be taking up residence there! Thanks so much Kathleen!!

The show is just wonderful and I'm so thrilled that all those adopting my little ones were new collectors for me! I really appreciate hearing from so many during the show. It's still going on until later this afternoon, so if you haven't been to see all the wonderful creations, just click here:
Daphne and her Dad do such a wonderful job with these online shows. It gives all of us a chance to show our bears and friends to the world! Thanks so much Daphne and Frank!


Kays Kids said...

Congratulations on your sales. Your work is a dream.

Donna Griffin said...

Thank you so much Kay! Your comments mean so much to me as you are a fellow bear creator! I must say, making all these "friends" was a challenge - but I really love challenges, don't you??
Thanks for writing!!!