Friday, March 30, 2012

GrandKitty Fun!

 Beaker prefers laundry to pillows it seems! He doesn't seem to have a preference for dirty or clean.

Sam is a big fan of ice cream, and, yes, he's a plain vanilla man!

I'm going to add another sneak peek soon! A new Bunny for the Etsy shop this weekend. He's gray and very fluffy - or maybe she is, haven't decided yet. Do check back!!


Kays Kids said...

I love your new Header, it is so colourful and happy with your little panda.
Have a great weekend.

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks Kay!
Aren't those irises something! I treated myself to a bouquet last week and really enjoyed having them on my worktable.
I'm so glad you like the header!!
Mini hugs!

susana said...

While you are sharing tiny bits of Beaker and Sam, i find that they act like small children, so funny.

Donna Griffin said...

They are certainly valued family members, Susana! They really do keep us laughing, too!