Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bear for a Special Little Girl, Trip to Pittsburgh, and Cats in Drawers

I was priviledged to be asked to make a bear for a special little girl who is yet to be born! I haven't made a "big" bear in a long time so thought I'd like to share this photo.
My trip to Pittsburgh was such fun! The hockey game took me downtown to one of the loveliest cities anywhere. One the right of the photo above is the old "igloo" where Kim and I have attended Penguins games for years. The new arena is on the left just across the street from the old landmark.

This is my favorite shot of the trip taken from inside the arena. One side of the facility is glass, offering the visitors a gorgeous view of the city's skyline. I was there just at sunset.

It was "a great day for Hockey" and this view was just to the left of the one above. The escalators are just off the glass wall.
The murals inside the arena are worth the trip just to see them! Pictured just above the giant goalie mask is Sidney Crosby - my favorite player (along with most of Pittsburgh I expect.)

Kim told me about a web site called "Cats in Sinks." I haven't check on this, but I'm sure there must also be one called "Cats in Drawers." Cleo was eager to help me pack for my recent trip and burrowed right into my rosewood dresser! I had tons of fun on my trip, and am glad to be back home starting on my spring pallet of bears and bunnies, etc. Coming soon: Fuschia Butterfly Bear!! Happy Almost Spring everyone!!!

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