Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kitties in Sunshine, The First Daffodil, and Taking Time!

It's that time of year when flocks of birdies fly from place to place looking for stores of berries. They've been in our neighborhood lately much to the delight of Rocky and Cleo. Being "inside kitties" they love looking at the birdies, but I'm not sure they know exactly why!
After such a cold winter, I was amazed to see our first little miniature daffodil popping through just a few days ago. I suppose those few days of 70 degree temperatures told the little bulbs it was time to wake up! I did check last years' postings and these precious little signs of Spring are a week earlier this year.
While I won't pick those first blossoms to enjoy indoors, I do treat myself to beautiful blooms at the market. Here's a little reminder from Rockey to "Take Time to Smell the Roses!"
Happy March Everyone!! Come on Spring!!!!!!
P. S. Check back soon for previews of new Etsy offerings for this week!

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