Monday, May 31, 2010

The Trip so far

Kim and I are having a grand time and will be ready when the movers show up tomorrow morning to carry all we've boxed up and her furniture to her new apartment.
My trip up was just lovely. The weather was picture perfect! My drive takes me through the Shennandoah Valley - well, that's by my choice the Garmen I borrowed from Jason (I call her Gretchen) would have me go another way, but she kindy recalculates when I go on little side jaunts. On this particular day, I decided to stretch my legs in the Sky Meadows State Park which appears in these photos. There was tons of traffic on the main roads as folks were traveling for the Memorial Day Holiday.
Dear Russell - my bear that Kim claimed shortly after his birth several years ago, surveys all our packing efforts and gets ready for the move to his new home tomorrow!


Debora Hoffmann said...

I love the pictures of the country lane and the cathedral of learning. Great atmosphere. So glad you've gotten Kim settled in. I love Russell! :-) And your little purple butterfly is darling. I know you say to not be afraid of color, but I am still not there yet...though I looked at the bears on my blog yesterday and took note of their noses--there's the color! I know I'll venture into more someday; I'm sll inspired to do more out-of-the-box types of ideas this year. Hugs to you!

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks Debora! I saw those colorful noses!! I think of bearmaking as a journey and I'm amazed at what little side trips we take - into color, new forms, etc. I've learned a lesson about not making too many of any one kind just so I'm ready to try the next new thing. You have many faces amongst your wonderful bears and real bear colors suit them perfectly. Thanks for writing and I hope your summer is filled with fun like the BearBee!!!
Big hug,

Debora Hoffmann said...

Thank you, Donna! You are always so sweet with your comments. You have helped to encourage me to keep going with my bears, and I'm sure there will be "little side trips" along the way. :-)