Monday, June 7, 2010

What a Trip!

Not only did we get Miss Kim moved to her new apartment, but we had a grand time in the process! After all the furniture and boxes were delivered, we took a walking tour of the University of Pittsburgh and parts of Carnegie Mellon as well since they are next to each other.

The most spectacular building on the Pitt campus is called the Cathedral of Learning. Inside on the first floor, there are tables and chairs for students to use to study. Classrooms and offices are on the upper floors. Who wouldn't have lofty thoughts and ideas in this atmosphere!
There's a beautiful fountain on the outside of the building and beautiful flowers and hanging baskets abound.
More trip photos soon as well as a sneak peak of a purple butterfly bear. 
P. S. As this was an impromptu trip, I didn't take my trusty Nikon. These photos were made with my Iphone.....which points out the wisdom in the title of one of my favorite recent books "The Best Camera is the One That's With You."

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