Monday, June 15, 2009


Miss Kim went to the parade in downtown Pittsburgh today for the celbration of the win of the Stanley Cup by the Penguins. She left early and got a spot right in front on the parade route. She says she took 600 plus photos! Gotta love the new technology. She send several to me and I'm going to include 3 in this post. The team is young and their Captain - Sidney Crosby - is only 21 years old. He's the youngest NHL (National Hockey League) Captain to ever win the Cup with his team. The other photos are of Mario Lemieux, Hockey Hall of Famer, who is now part owner of the Penguins, and Jordan Staal, another very young Center for the team. I saw parade on the Internet as the local station streamed its coverage.

I'm so glad Kim got to go down to the parade along with over 300,000 other faithful fans. It's a Great Day For Hockey!!! (That's not an original quote, but a famous saying first uttered by "Badger" Bob - a former coach who was in charge when Mario was the Captain and the Penguins had the first franchise win of the Cup in 1991.)

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