Saturday, March 14, 2009

EBAY Listing!

Here's the link to "The Panda Sisters" Auction!

I certainly would love you to visit and let me know what you think of the template and photos!


Darlene said...

Looks good Donna, and you have just been tagged to write six random things about you on your blog! See my blog for rules.

Ruth said...

Wow , that went amazingly well Donna! These 2 little ones surely deserve a very special mummy indeed .You're so brave to use eBay ....I'm scared stiff of it nowadays !

Warmest wishes ,

Ruth x

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks, Darlene and Ruth!
What a Thrill! My first Ebay experience was something. I wasn't home to watch the final bidding but my daughter Kim was. I'm happy that the Panda Sisters will be going to live with some very nice people who have many of my little bears. I've heard from so many collectors and friends during the auction and loved every minute of it - after the tedious part of learning how to fill out the template and "launch" form! Thanks again, dear friends, for keeping up with what's been going on! Cheers! Donna