Friday, March 20, 2009

Many Thanks!

I thank everyone who contacted me and those who took part in the bidding during my first Ebay auction. I'm happy to report that the Panda Sisters will be leaving today for the state of Illinois to live with some very nice people who have many of my little bears. I think the very best part of the Teddy Bear World is the fact that your own world grows - through new friends you meet along the way. Sometimes correspondence takes place totally over the Internet! My own little family is quite small, but I feel a part of so many more families as my little ones go out into the world taking a little of me with them.


Tina said...

Congratulations on your Ebay debut Donna. I´m so happy it went so well for you and it´s so well deserved. Your Panda sisters are just the cutest.
Hugs, Tina

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks, Tina! I hope the little pandas will bring lots of joy in their new home. I sure do thank you for following along with me during this first auction! Hugs, Donna