Sunday, August 26, 2007

Amadeus Gallery Piece from TBAI

Here is a photo from my gallery piece, Amadeus, at the recent TBAI show. Young Amadeus is about 5 inches tall and stands atop a harpsichord bench wearing a dashing suit of silk dupioni with swarovski crystals as trim. He has a lace collar and wears silk stockings with shiny black shoes. The shoes have swarovski crystals on them as well. You will note a "wig" of wool worn by both Amadeus and his father Leopold. Leopold's outfit is made of brown wool and has a lace collar. In addition to both bears, I also made the harpsichord and bench. Historic note: In Mozart's day, the keys on the harpsichord were black with the sharps being white. The harpsichord is made from polymer clay in gingerbread house fashion. I used wood venere for the outside afixed over the clay base. You can see some of the background which was a shadow box filled with pages from Mozart's Requiem and the titles of his most famous work.

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Tina said...

He is absolutely wonderful Donna.
I just love his outfit - it must have taken hours to make that. It´s perfect.
Many bear hugs Tina