Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bears on their way to TBAI!

I'm just in the process of packing up these dear little ones for the trip to Binghamton, New York, and TBAI. As usual, we're running late and will be rushing around until we leave tomorrow morning.


Tina said...

Oh - They are absolutely lovely Donna. And I love those figures you have made for them -fimo?
Great couples,all of them.

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks so much! Most of them are polymer clay. The Snowbear is paperclay. Thrilled to say all sets sold at the show! The photos aren't as good as they could be as I took them the night before leaving for the show and the mosquitos were everywhere! I usually take lots of photos, but had to hurry to avoid being eaten alive! Thank you so much for looking!