Friday, April 1, 2016

Cherry Blossom Time

This sweet Little Miss arrived on Easter! I made her for Kim from a pattern from Mo Malron at Crochet Objet. I've ordered cotton from her Etsy shop Crochet Objet and used that for little bunny's body.

I'd like to take you on a photo shoot around the cherry tree in my front yard:

The blossoms start out white and turn pink before they blow away. They are never on the tree long enough.

I discovered these little beauties when I was mowing a few days ago. I left the grass high there!

And then saw these blossoms on the ground around a corner of the house where I don't go often. I couldn't imagine where they had come from. I looked up on the side of the house and there they were!

It's the Yellow Jessamine which seems to have planted itself - with the help of birds and squirrels, I'm sure. I have more of the vines in other places, but this one was a surprise!

And these beauties got an early start last fall on my deck. They are really blooming now!

Happy Spring to all!!

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