Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Hermione

Last weekend was exciting in Hampton Roads as tall ships visited the ports. We went to Yorktown where the Hermione from France was visiting after her maiden voyage across the Atlantic.

Many artists displayed their wares at the event including my friend and clay instructor, Lynne Oglesby.
Jason was along with us and chose one of her mugs

Picture quality doesn't do it justice but I was taking the photo from the back seat of a moving car! Lynne's charming illustrations make her pottery so special in our home and now in Jason's new home!
Haven't shared a Zentagle tile in awhile and I know I was working on tiles with the alphabet as strings. I'll have to look back and see where I left off, but this one, as you might guess, was the letter "O". Let me know if you are tangling and share one with me!!

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