Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A New Pup and some Fabric Fun!

I think this year my Santa Bear will be bringing puppies to Hunt Valley!! What do you think?? I recently received some viscose from the Ukraine - thanks Anna - and thought it looked like "PUPPY!"
Now, here's an idea! Have you ever received a fur order and wished it were a little fluffier? Try this!!
Put it into a little bath for awhile to soften it up! Here, I'm using a product available at  Knit Picks ( usually used to ready a knitted item for blocking called "soak." Any soap will do for this, however, and you just need a tad. Let it soak until the fabric backing feels soft. Be careful to put each piece in individually or put like colors together in case there is any color bleed. Once you have rinsed the piece under running water until the water has no more bubbles, just toss it into a dryer.


Spread it out on a towel to dry. Run your fingers against the grain to fluff it up! Thanks for the help Cleo!!

Here you can see the difference. The top piece is right out of the envelope and the bottom piece has had a bath and a fluff!

Hope you like the pup! Here he's standing on my deck railing which is only about 4 or 5 inches wide.

Just a wee handful, really!


Elanor Clare Andrews said...

Oh Donna he's Soooooo cute, I love him, please send him to me ;0) good luck with your show prep, I can't wait to see more. Big hugs xx

Donna Griffin said...

How sweet of you Elanor!!! It's always fun to try something new, isn't it?? Loved your Hugglets bears and mice! Wish I could see them in person!!! One Day!!
Thanks for stopping by! Love to the boys! Did Logan love the show??
Big hugs back!!