Friday, March 21, 2014

The Teddies Worldwide Show Has Begun!

Jarome the wee Garden Gnome will be there to greet you as you visit this "all bear" show! Just click here: to see all the wonderful bears! This is truly an international show and you'll be able to see bears created all over the world.
Wee Jarome shown above sits atop a felt mushroom which I made from a pattern I found on Etsy from a shop called Craft Pixie! I did a few things differently to assure Jarome would have a steady seat. The pattern developer suggested filling the stem with rice. I added steel pellets on the bottom to make sure that little fungus sat still! I used rice toward the top of the stem. The slice of wood, the mushroom and Jarome are all separate and can be moved around for display. If you'd like to purchase the pattern, just email me and I'll give you the link to the Etsy shop.
Enjoy the show!! Buy Bears!!!

Wow! My bears were all adopted by 4:20!!! Thanks to everyone!!!

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