Friday, July 12, 2013

Helpers, Gifts, and Fun!

Do any of you have special helpers like my Rocky? He has a  basket on my worktable, just to my right, where he oversees all sewing. He often naps there and is annoyed if another kitty gets in his spot! We've added other kitty size baskets all around to accommodate what seems to be a universal kitty attraction.

My dear friend Sarah, once again this year, has given me a Casablanca lily blossom. Actually, it was a bud when she handed it to me and gave me instructions to clip off the fuzzy red bits once it opened as they can be quite messy. I bought the vase it's sitting in at our local farmers' market and it was created by Tracy who works at our veterinarian's office. I've thought glass blowing would be great fun, but there just aren't enough hours in the day. The lily has lasted over a week and the fragrance it produces is just marvelous!

and finally a flower I've made with directions from a book on thread crochet that's filled with pineapple motifs. It's very dimensional as each petal is anchored on three different levels created on the center, and just perfect, I think, for one of my little bears to sit upon - right on that center. The pineapple is a favorite motif used in traditional crochet. It looks a bit different using a pretty green cotton thread.


Kays Kids said...

Your kitty basket sounds great. They love to be close to you don't they? The perfume of lilies is amazing.
Enjoy your week.

Donna Griffin said...

You know, Kay, around Easter each year I look for the perfect shape for our furry friends. The basket has to be just the right depth, too, so they can see out and still be contained in the comforting basket which I line with something soft.
Love the lilies!
You have a great week, too!!