Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My New Red Umbrella!!!!!!

I cannot CAN NOT tell you how happy my new red umbrella makes me!! Essentially, I wanted a nice place out of the sun for the Outsiders (feral kitties who mostly live on our deck) and as long as we were getting one, why not red!! The color is magnificent! It just lights up the world! As you can see, I'm adding boxes and baskets of every red flower I can find. Our family room is right on the inside next to the deck and I find myself wandering in there to get a peek at the red beauty!

This Friday is the preview for the upcoming online show for Teddies Worldwide. I made the deadline and sent a photo of Honey Bun in this morning. Be sure to check back on Friday evening for a link to the preview page!

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Kays Kids said...

Red certainly is a happy colour. I love the red, it makes it so cheery.