Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Wonderful Work of Elanor Andrews!!

Before I ever met the lovely Elanor Andrews in person (and it has been my good fortune to do so on a couple of occasions) I fell in love with her wonderful bears and especially her mousies! I must tell you that I am the proud mom of adorable "Cupcake" pictured above. He has just come across the pond (Elanor lives in the UK) to be with me here in Virginia. Cupcake is not only as sweet as the magnificent little cupcake pincushion (Elanor made that too and selected the pin from a neat Etsy shop)  upon which he sits, but he's oh so tiny too! I believe he's just under three inches tall.
I hope you will visit Elanor's Blog and let her know just how cute this little charmer is!!
Please click here:
I will be thinking of dear Elanor each day as I see this little wonder!! Oh AND she sent a card with cupcake and frosting recipes!! YUM!!! It is such a delight to have a friend like Elanor!!


Elanor Clare Andrews said...

Donna, I'm so happy Cupcake has settled in well and thank you so much for your words, your really are too kind my friend. xx

Donna Griffin said...

Words can't do your creations justice, Elanor! One must see and hold them!!!
Cupcake has brought Joy to the house!!
Thanks again!

susana said...

Agree with you, Donna, Elanor's mice are design are fabulous, they seems to bring you back those childhood fantasy.

Donna Griffin said...

Hi Susana!
I just don't know how she can pack so much charm into such a tiny package!!