Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Let's make this flower pin cushion!

I've made a few of these so you might see different colors in the photos as we go along!

First, you'll need your favorite flower crochet pattern. I bought the one I used on Etsy here. I used a bigger hook than the pattern called for to have a bigger center and flower.

If you haven't done so, go to Etsy and search for crochet flower patterns and you'll find a ton of them that are just magnificent!

You'll be making two of the flowers - and making them in contrasting yarn seems to look good! Then we'll make two centers for the pin cushiony part!

 As you see, we've changed colors! This cushion is for a Pinki chibi wabbit, and uses the pinks and other pastels to show off her lovely color!

So. Here's what you do! Start with a magic loop (find directions on YouTube if you need them, and make 6 Single crochets into the loop. Tighten it up and increase each round by 6 single crochets until you get the circle to the size you need to be the flower center.

When it's big enough, single crochet all around in the back loop of each single crochet. Make three (or more if you want the cushion deeper) rounds of single crochet. Mark your progress with a stitch marker so you can keep track of the rounds. 

Close up the back of the cushion by decreasing the stitches. Single crochet two stitches together around until the entrance to the cushion is pretty small.

Here's the place to add stuffing if you feel you need it to make your wabbit comfy! Run a bit of the yarn all around and pull so that the circle is closed.

Then, make another round piece to go on the back just like the first one before you started the single crochet in the back loops. This one will be flat and will go on the back.

 Put the puffy one on the front and the flat circle on the back. Use a tapestry needle and sew through all layers with a running stitch around the outside of the circles

If you have questions, please leave a comment! I have lots more photos, but want this to fit all in one posting.
I plan to design a flower pattern which I'll post here for you to use for free. That will be after the Philly show in May, so I hope you'll check back!! Enjoy!!

Yet another color way with centers made from the some yarn as one of the flowers - called Pink Sands.
P. S. I've made a Chibi Panda for the Philly Bear Show and he's told me he wants a cushion too! Hmmm....
what colors for a panda????


Kays Kids said...

I love your little bear sitting on his cosy cushion. Thanks for the instructions.

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks, Kay! Isn't he a funny bunny!! I appreciate your writing!

susana said...

i enjoy reading the process of this making.

Donna Griffin said...

Susana, if I leave out a step or something isn't clear, let me know! I'll try try try again! I plan to design a flower for this idea so that I can put it on the Blog - free!!!