Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holidays!! Yay!!!!

Let the festivities begin! I am so thrilled to have both my grown up kids with us this year. I hope everyone will enjoy this time when we slow down and reflect on what makes life worth while. I must share this photo of my darlings that I found and you can tell just how old it is by the Ewok in the photo. Now let's see - how long ago was that movie?? We can always date things by where we were living at the time. This photo was made in our quarters at Fort Devens, Massachusetts. We left soon after that for Okinawa. Our lives during Travis' army career were certainly colorful and seemed like a travelog!


Kays Kids said...

I'm guessing, but may be in the 70's.
You are right to have family with you at Christmas is a very rich reward for the year.

Donna Griffin said...

Well, Kay, I figured out the photo is from l983 or l984. I'm not sure when the Ewok movie came out, but it was sometime around then .....I think. It's always easy to figure out dates from where we lived. It seems like we were always moving!

Happy Holidays to you down under!!