Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Candy corn counts as a vegetable, right?

Sometimes, you've just gotta laugh!! When I read the "tweet" which is the title of this post and seeing Frodo relaxing in my chair - I laughed out loud. Now isn't that the best thing to do?!!
Kim calls Frodo "Bendi Straw" because he is the most supple, bendable little creature - well, not so little anymore. Here he is from another angle:
Wishing you all lots of candy corn, a Frodo or two, and lots of laughs!!


Elanor Clare Andrews said...

That is one happy kitty :0) xx

Donna Griffin said...

Indeed he is Elanor!!! He keeps me in stitches!!! Such a funny little man!

Kays Kids said...

Oh to be as relaxed as that gorgeous cat. They could teach us a thing or two.

Donna Griffin said...

You are certainly right there!! They are excellent teachers in the "way of life."