Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One more little peek!

As Prom season is in full swing, this little Miss wanted you to see her very fancy dress just before she leaves for the teddy bear show in Philadelphia! When I embroidered her nose using a peach colored thread, I decided that her dress should be the same color. The peach batiste skirt has an overlay of beautiful cotton lace. Each of the scallops has a tiny pearl and there are pearls in the flowers for her ear. The dress has a bustle of the same pale peach satin ribbon flowers.
I've always loved little things. I remember particularly thinking how adorable Kim's Strawberry Shortcake Dolls were. For the time being, I'm working with a limited pallet of these 4 inch and smaller bears to see how pretty and sweet I can make them. The faces are my first concern and then I think they should be graceful.
Of course, materials and trims for clothing have particular considerations. The adventure has much to offer!

And finally a look at my tote bag for the show! For the past few years, I've had tote bags made featuring my bears along with my web address to send my bears home in from the shows. I think it's just a little way that I can help the environment giving the collectors a reusable canvas tote so they can take it to market once they've unloaded all the bears from the show!
Please come back and see my reports from the show!


susana said...

she got the qualities of calm and serenity, i like your presentation all the way through, even with just a piece of leaf :o)

Donna Griffin said...

Thank you Susana! I appreciate your noticing the leaf! I think when you are photographing these little ones, it's good to include something from nature to show the size. I was a little concerned that she would be too pale, but the qualities you mentioned were certainly my aim. Thank you for taking time to write!