Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kitty Fun!

One of the drawbacks in having small cars is not being able to "haul stuff." My husband recently bought a Ford Escape Hybrid with lots of room in the back. We've always wanted one of those carpeted kitty gyms for our fluffy family so my son, Jason and I went to select one last weekend. There seems to be an ongoing discussion between Rocky and Cleo to decide who gets to nap on the top!
Last week I brought home part of my next fountain. Rocky found that it makes a swell place to cuddle up. All of him fits into it except for that magnificent tail!
Coming soon! I'll begin working on the Ebay listings for "Beezer" and "Lady Buggly"  - the master gardeners soon. I'll have a link here!


Ruth said...

What a beautiful cat! How funny that he likes lounging in your fountain - LOL! Ahhhhhhh; sweeeeet!! :0) :0)

Ruth xx

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks, Ruth! You wouldn't think that he's a shelter rescue cat, would you? He certainly didn't look so grand when we found him 10 months ago.He is such a clown! His sister loves the fountains when they have water in them. Rocky can enjoy this one till the other parts are done!
Lotsa hugs,