Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kitties visit to the Veterinarian

The kitties are feeling fine and visited the the Oaks Veterinary Clinic today for their shots. Oh, by the way, their names are Rocky (Rocky the Flying Squirrel) and Cleo (Cleopatra). Rocky is pictured flirting with Dr. Hannah Adams (in the white coat) and Assistant Tracey Ellis who is also a glass artist.

Dr. Hannah showed me a great way to entertain them by letting water drip from the faucet. They LOVE that! I'll just hope they don't figure out how to turn on the tap while I'm away.
Their baby kitty photos can be found in an earlier post.

All in all, Rocky and Cleo didn't mind the visit or the shots.


Hannah said...

We hope the kittys have forgotten about the shots they got and are running around having fun. We enjoyed the pictures of them and your bears are wonderful!
Dr. Hannah and all at The Oaks

Hannah said...

We love the pictures of your visit with us and your bears are wonderful!
Dr. Hannah

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks Dr. Hannah!
They are feeling fine and I'm sure will enjoy visiting again - especially if you let them play with the water in the sink! Thanks for all you do!
and for your kind words about my bears!
Hugs to all,