Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's a gorgeous day here in Southern Virginia and feels like Spring. Travis brought home the lovely boquet last night so I began my valentine celebration early! There are lovely roses, white tulips, and another white flower of the lily family with some pretty baby's breath. I took them out on the deck to photograph them - arent' they lovely!
I received a teddy bear, porcelain mug and CHOCOLATES from dear Jason and Kim! Can't get better than that!
I wish everyone loads of love and hugs on this special day for remembering those dear!


All Bear by Paula said...

Hi Donna, what a beautiful vase of spring flowers!

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks, Paula! I left a comment at the wrong posting - Oops! Those flowers we so lovely for a long time and much appreciated. I hope you will enjoy a wonderful Spring in the U. K.
Hugs, Donna