Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Voting Day!

Here in the U. S., we had the opportunity to go to the polls and vote! No matter what the outcome is, let's hope the country wins!

This little bunny is a request from a very special lady. If she gives the O. K., he'll be waiting for her on my table at the Hunt Valley show on Sunday!

This little guy is 4 inches tall, has wired arms, and stands nicely by himself. His outfit is part of his body - in that wonderful extra extra long fur from Berta at www.threadteds.com . Aren't the colors wonderful?? I was fortunate to take these photos in front of my house where the impatiens are still looking good - no freeze yet here in southern Virginia.

So little bunny waves goodbye and hopes you will be there to see him at the show!!

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